What You Need to Know About Automobile Diagnostics

We cannot overstate how important automobile diagnostics are to diagnosing the problem in your automobile. In fact, a diagnostic test or check, as it is also called, can also reveal unseen problems that would otherwise go unnoticed. Let’s talk about automobile diagnostics and how they work.

Engine Control Module

Your car, truck, or utility vehicle has an engine control module. This module is the main ship in the computer system. As an aside, some people also call this chip the engine control unit. This chip works tirelessly while your engine is running to operate some of the systems and parts. For example, the engine control module fires the spark plugs in the exact order in which they need to be fired.

The module also communicates with your computerized system sensors. As you can imagine, the sensors are located all over your automobile. They report when everything is operating as it should be and when something goes wrong. The engine control module relies on this data to ensure that your automobile is always running efficiently, reliably, and safely.

Computerized Sensors

The computerized sensors also work nonstop while your automobile is in operation. If something goes wrong, they will assign an associated error code and report this code to the engine control module. For example, let’s assume for the moment that the combustion chamber needs more fuel. The sensor in the chamber will alert the module and the module will add fuel to the chamber.

In some cases, the module cannot resolve the problem, and this is where your dashboard warning system comes in. If the module is stuck and your automobile needs professional repair, it will turn on an associated dashboard warning light so you understand that there is a problem. An example of this is an illuminated oil light if your oil pressure is too low.

Diagnostic Test/Check

We may or may not know what the problem is based on the dashboard warning light. For example, if the engine control module turns on the check engine light, this could be any number of problems. As such, we run a diagnostic test on your automobile to get the data that was sent to the engine control module. This data includes the specific error code reported by the system sensor.

This tells us exactly what is wrong with your automobile and saves you money on your repair bill. The test saves us diagnostic time and repair time. Call us today if your vehicle needs a diagnostic test.

Photo by Sayda Productions via Canva Pro

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