Don’t Ignore These Signs That It’s Time to Take Your Car in for a Brake Job

Having brakes that work properly is very important, and waiting too long to get them serviced could have costly repercussions. Beyond extra noise every time you stop your vehicle, you might damage your vehicle after repeated use. You can save yourself the extra costs by fixing your brakes before they become too bad. These are some of the top signs that your car’s brakes need a mechanic’s attention.

Squeaking or Grinding Sounds When You Apply the Brakes

One of the most common signs that you need new brakes is a squeaking sound when you press the brake pedal. This is usually an early sign that the pads are worn down, which lets the calipers grate closer to the rotors. If you continue to ignore the sound, you’ll eventually begin to hear a grinding sound. This means you need to get your vehicle to the mechanic right away because you’re at the point where your brakes could begin to damage other components of your vehicle.

Brake Light On

It might seem obvious, but it deserves a mention. If you notice that you have a brake light on beneath your dashboard, you should have your brakes checked even if you’ve only recently had work done on your vehicle. 

Car Pulling to One Side

If you notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side or the other every time you apply the brakes, it’s a good time to have your brake system checked. Sometimes the caliper can become stuck in the wrong part of the braking system. It could also mean that you have a brake fluid leak. An experienced mechanic can diagnose the problem, whether it’s due to a brake issue or another component of your vehicle.

Soft Brakes

When you notice that your brakes have a lot of give before they respond to your foot on the pedal, it’s time for a brake inspection. Soft brakes can mean having a bad hose or another important part. It’s important to have this type of problem inspected sooner rather than later because you need to be able to stop quickly.

If you’re unsure whether it’s time to get new brakes, bring them to a qualified mechanic. It’s not worth guessing that maybe it’s fine and then later experience even greater problems, including more expensive repairs or an accident.

Photo by slobo from Getty Images via Canva Pro