Can Speed Bumps Actually Knock My Wheels Out of Alignment?

Yes. Central Garage Company advises that all bumps in the road can knock your wheels out of alignment if you drive over them too quickly. It’s important to slow the speed down to allow your suspension to gently react to the bump. Flying over a speed bump or other bump can damage the suspension. In fact, it can actually crack the axle if you hit the bump hard enough. Aside from driving over bumps too quickly, here are other road hazards that can knock your wheels out of alignment.


You can prevent yourself from driving over a speed bump too fast, you may not be able to prevent an automobile accident. This is why it is important to have your vehicle inspected thoroughly after any incident to make sure there isn’t any hidden damage. Hidden damage can include the wheels being knocked out of alignment or another problem with the suspension.


Road construction zones can also be hard on your vehicle’s suspension and wheel alignment because the pavement is uneven, especially if portions of the pavement are covered by road covers. You know it’s important to slow down to protect the safety of the construction workers, but it is also important to slow down to protect your wheel alignment.


One of the quickest ways to knock your wheels out of alignment is to hit a curb when you turn around it. The wheel that connects with the curb is pushed inward, and this can mess up the alignment easily. Be careful when you make turns to make sure that you avoid hitting curbs. Also go slow when you parallel park too, again, avoid hitting curbs.


Your wheels will be shoved backward if you pull into a parking space too fast and slam into the marker at the end of it. If you back into the space, the rear wheels will be shoved forward. These markers can damage your wheel alignment, especially if you accidentally drive over them. When you are pulling into a parking space, take it slow.


Finally, potholes take your wheels and move them around as if they were spinning in a blender. Even if you are in a rush or you have an inpatient driver behind you, you must slow down and go through a pothole as slowly as possible to protect your wheels.

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Photo by Sergiy1975 from Getty Images via Canva Pro